Access blocked YouTube video using ProxTube


Non-US users know the pain of having services blocked from them pretty well, and YouTube is no exception. If you're tired of stumbling on videos you can't watch, ProxTube will fix the problem by unblocking all US-only videos for anyone to see. 

When a person calls up a copyrighted video in non-US, Google displays a disclaimer that blames GEMA: “Unfortunately, this video is not available in Germany because it may contain music for which GEMA has not granted the respective music rights.”        

" ...ProxTube is essentially an extension that automatically routes your YouTube traffic through a proxy server in the US, so YouTube thinks you're visiting the site from a US location. It's not unlike our method of watching the BBC player from another country, it just automates the process for you. Just install it and start browsing YouTube ..."

ProxTube will fix the problem by unblocking all US-only videos for anyone to see.
The extension automatically switches on as soon as the user visit a YouTube page with a blocked video. Instead of the sad smiley, and the hint that this video is not available in their own country the user will see a loading bar and after a few seconds, the requested video loads in normal speed.
Through a Play button the user can turn the feature on and off.

System requirements are for Firefox version 4 or higher, Chrome version 10 or higher.
Unfortunately at the moment, there is no version for other browsers.

ProxTube Main Site

Firefox Addon for ProxTube

Chrome Extension for ProxTube


Anna howart said...

I think use of VPN will be a reliable solution to open blocked websites so instead of ProxyTube i can only suggest "Hotspot Shield" VPN software to Access Youtube from Work. You can use it conveniently because it is a free vpn, although it is reliable, fast and allows you to go beyond school or office filters and firewalls.