How to Deny other Windows XP Users to Access Your Folders and Files

Sometimes the computer admin, or even the user, would want to protect the content of their folders and the files in it by setting the folder permission to disallow access of other users of that computer. Here’s how;

1. Log-in as an administrator. Then open the windows explorer.
2. Open Tools->Folder Options->View. Then uncheck “Use Simple File Sharing”.
3. Click on the folder that you want to protect. Right click, and then click “Properties”, then click “Security”.
4. Add users that you want to have access or permission and/or remove users that you want to deny access or permissions, and then check “Full Control”.
5. Click “Advanced”.
6. On “Permission” tab, uncheck “Inherit from parent the permission entries that….”
7. Click “Edit”. Uncheck “Apply These Permissions to Objects and …”
8. In the “Owner” tab, change the ownership to the Administrator and to your account.
9. Click “Apply”, then “OK”.