Assign a CD-ROM Drive Letter

Windows identifies each storage medium with a letter. Typically, a CD-ROM drive is assigned the first letter after the last hard drive's letter.

An example of a standard drive-letter scheme might look like this:

A: Floppy Disk

B: Second Floppy Disk (optional)

C: Primary Hard Drive

D: Secondary Hard Drive (optional)


You can use as many drive letters as there are letters in the alphabet, if you'd like. You can also customize your computer by assigning a letter to a CD-ROM, CD-R, or CD-RW drive, if that letter isn't already assigned elsewhere.

To assign a drive letter to your CD-ROM drive, follow these steps:

  1. Single-click the Start button, mouse-over Settings, single-click the Control Panel, and double-click the System icon.
  2. When the System Properties box opens, select the Device Manager tab and make sure to check the "View devices by type" radio button.
  3. Double-click the CD-ROM icon to expand the list of CD-ROM(s) installed.
  4. When the list expands, double-click the CD-ROM you wish to assign a new letter to.
  5. In the CD-ROM Drive Properties dialog box select the Settings tab.
  6. To change the drive letter, go to the "Reserved drive letter" field.
  7. You can assign a range of letters or a single letter by making the Start and End letters the same.
  8. Select OK when finished making the change.
  9. You must restart your computer to implement the new drive letter.


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