Logon Screen

 If you're the only user on a computer, odds are  you don't need a logon screen to appear every time you boot up.

Eliminate the need to input your user name and password with these steps.

   1.       Open Control Panel.
   2.       Double-click on the Network icon
   3.      In the Primary Network Logon, choose Windows Logon
   4.       Press OK
   5.       In the Control Panel click the passwords applet
   6.      Click Change Passwords tab.
   7.       Press Change Windows Password button
   8.       Type in your current password and in the Old Password Box.
   9.       Leave both the New Password and Confirm New Password boxes blank
  10.       Click OK
  11.       Select the User Profile tab and make sure the "All users of this PC use the same preferences and desktop settings" is selected.
  12.       Click OK
  13.       Restart Windows